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Meccha Matcha

-A Premium Matcha-Centric Tea Shop




Matcha is made from newly formed, shade-grown green tea leaves. This slow growing process envelops the leaves with a higher amount of beneficial amino acids as well as caffeine, giving you a boost in mood & energy.  The tea leaves are then dried and stone ground into a delicate Matcha powder.  


Meccha Matcha?


Pronounced "met-cha," Meccha is Japanese slang for "very"or "super."   Think of us as the "Meccha" version of anything matcha.  

We are a premium matcha-centric tea shop. Our matcha is ceremonial grade, carefully handpicked and sourced directly from our tea farm in Uji, Japan. All of our Meccha ingredients are selected to ensure quality in taste and skimping on artificial flavors, colors, or additives.  


More than Matcha

 We are pleased to indulge your cravings with our exceptional non-matcha delights.  

Try our Hojicha*, red bean, affogato, genmaicha & black sesame offerings as well as other rotating seasonal menu items.  

*Hojicha tea has the same benefits as matcha but is roasted before ground into a powder.  

Signature Meccha Items

Level 3 Matcha Ice Cream

  No one comes close to our 55%  matcha concentration, making it the strongest matcha ice cream in America!

Yuzu Blended Float

Yuzu, a type of Japanese citrus fruit, blended up to create the perfectly sweet and sour taste pair up; with your choice of soft serve flavor.

Matcha Lavender Latte

Our popular Matcha latte infused with our made from scratch lavender syrup, using real lavender buds.

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Meccha Matcha

2001 Coit Road, Plano, Texas 75075

(Original Flagship store)

11816 Artesia Blvd

Artesia, CA 90701

(Company Owned)

Houston, Tx, Asia Town

9889 Bellaire Blvd d220, Houston, Tx 77036

and more to come . . .